"Turnkey services for boiler, tank and environmental needs."

Cost-effective and comprehensive Mechanical Services. Make use of our expedited leasing programs, for tax deductions and reductions in Alternative Minimum Tax.


G.  C. Environmental, Inc. (GCE) is a comprehensive Environmental and Mechanical Service Company, providing turnkey services for boiler, tank and environmental needs. With our extensive experience, we know every facet of mechanical work, from the smallest multi-family to the large-scale industrial campus.

We have experience in all phases of construction, from demolition to complete site rebuilds. We have been successfully completing both large and small tank and boiler projects for over 25 years. Our construction team adheres to all of the latest safety requirements and has training including API, OSHA, Confined Space, and Hazmat.


Tank & Boiler Services

  • Field-Erected Tanks
  • Boiler Removal
  • Boiler Cleaning and Repair
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Code Repair and Fabrication
  • Stack/Single and Double Wall
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Chemical Feed Units
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Waste Oil Heaters
  • Tank and Pipe Installation
  • Back-Up Fuel Systems/Oil and Propane
  • Pumps and Pump Sets

GCE offers free consultations to discuss your most cost-effective alternatives. Your free consultation includes a site visit and initial evaluation of your system to determine the requirements for compliance or upgrade. To know your full range of solutions, contact GCE today at 877.423.6847 or email gc@gcenvironmental.com.

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Your partner in Clean Heat conversions.


In April of 2011, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued regulations that require buildings to convert from heavy forms of heating oil to cleaner fuels, beginning in July of 2012. The goal of NYC Clean Heat is to encourage and assist buildings in converting to the cleanest available fuels.

Here’s the Program

NYC Clean Heat provides resources to help buildings convert to the cleanest heating fuels as soon as possible, and G.  C. Environmental, Inc. (GCE) is participating in this significant program as a Qualified Heat Conversion Specialist. Whether you need help understanding your conversion options, coordinating with utilities, or assembling financing, GCE can assist you. Call us at 877.423.6847 and speak to one of our professionals, or email gc@gcenvironmental.com.

GCE offers leasing programs for credit qualified owners, to ease your conversion transition. By leasing your equipment, you avoid having to come up with the funds necessary to purchase the equipment outright and lease payments may be tax deductible (Section 179), reducing the net cost of your lease.  Leasing also helps you avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), reducing your AMT tax liability.

Your Best Choice

GCE has a dedicated New York City presence, and we’ve been helping property owners save money with boiler system upgrades since 1990. New high-efficiency boilers don’t just comply with current regulations like New York’s Clean Heat program, they also solve one of your number one concerns – the cost of building heat and hot water. We can walk you through the Clean Heat financing incentives, or arrange special financing through our own network. GCE can get you on track to a replacement that doesn’t just comply, but actually takes fullest advantage of this new public program. Contact GCE today at 877.423.6847 or email gc@gcenvironmental.com.


G.  C. Environmental, Inc. (GCE) has been offering a full range of tank and boiler services for over 25 years. Through long years of experience in this service sector, we are familiar with all environmental regulations and inspections, and will assist you in all your compliance efforts. We help install, maintain, repair and decommission an entire range of heating, processing, and boiler system needs for commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential properties.

All our work is done with a long-standing commitment to give you the most reasonable cost possible. Contact GCE today at 877.423.6847 or email gc@gcenvironmental.com.

Conversion From
#6 to #4 to #2 Fuel Oil

One of the most expensive tasks during conversion from #6 fuel could be the cost of replacing your tank.  GCE has the experience to evaluate your tank and possibly offer a repair solution, if necessary. GCE can fiberglass line your tank with a 10 year warranty, or weld a new bottom, which is far less intrusive and more  economical than replacement.

boiler 4  boiler 1

When faced with new boiler replacement, your best investment may not be the highest-efficiency boiler on the market. Your most efficient level is the one that saves you the most money in lifetime energy costs, so your actual cash outlay has a powerful influence on your bottom line. Let GCE enter your individualized information into our most advanced Energy Savings Calculators, so you can reach your best decision, for your long-term benefit.

Make your investment count. You can contact GCE today at 877.423.6847 or email gc@gcenvironmental.com.

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