GCE Named Heat Conversion Specialists

GCE Named Heat Conversion Specialists: G.  C. Environmental, Inc. (GCE) is pleased to announce that the firm has been selected as a Heat Conversion Specialist for the NYC Clean Heat program. The company is  recognized by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) as boiler and burner installers,  licensed to do work in New York City, and has now been formally recognized as ULS2 Conversion Specialists, authorized to perform the special upgrades needed to transform older systems from #6 fuel, to cleaner-burning #2 fuel oil. Ultra-Low Sulfer (ULS) content has long been a goal of New York regulatory agencies.

As a comprehensive Environmental and Mechanical Service Company, GCE also offers leasing programs for credit qualified owners, to ease the conversion transition for NYC building owners. By leasing equipment, owners can take a tax deduction on their expenses, reducing the net cost of their lease.  Leasing also helps avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

For those faced with renewing their heat system registrations, with new requirements for burning only clean-burning fuels, GCE offers free consultations and cost-effective alternatives such as tank linings with a 10 year warranty. These alternatives saved one of our customers over $50,000.00.  To get your solution, contact GCE today at 877.423.6847 or email gc@gcenvironmental.com.

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