Before and After

Before and After: Looking closely at an aging tank can be full of surprises. Corrosion and leakage are often not apparent, until serious failure occurs. An early inspection and preventive action can avoid great expense and breakdown in necessary infrastructure just when you need it most. The NYC Clean Heat program is structured to assist you in transitioning to a system that is fully upgraded, and it may be that the time to do this work is just right as well.

IMG_3081 reduced
Before Image
After Image


There are many system tanks like the one “Before” above, and G.  C. Environmental, Inc. (GCE) has been there to provide the needed upgrades like the one shown above it. These conversions often lead to greater peace of mind for those whose business relies on them, and the elimination of environmental liabilities is an added benefit that also comes with this change. To take advantage of incentives now available, contact GCE today at 877.423.6847 or email

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