Leak Detection

UST Gauging and Leak Detection: Comprehensive tank-gauging and leak-detection can simultaneously monitor petrochemical product levels, water intrusion, temperatures and leaks in your tank or tank field. With advanced technology and enhanced features, a wide variety of gauging and leak-detection applications can be installed.

omntec controllers

Leak-detection and overfill-alarm systems provide continuous, accurate monitoring for a variety of applications. Typical applications are reservoirs, sumps, dry interstitial spaces and dispenser pans. These easy-to-install controllers alarm for in-tank levels and leak conditions. They are capable of accepting multiple sensors for high levels and leak detection. They are also capable of accepting  multiple sensors for product distinguishing leak detection. The most advanced electro-optic sensors now allow users to easily cycle all sensors through a simulated leak, with the press of a single button, eliminating any need to remove the sensor from its location. 

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